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SOIDEA team has learned how to use Sprinklr, the platform used by Accor to group and categorized assets and separated into campaigns to avoid confusion. Sprinklr provides customer experience management with an integrated platform across modern channels. With this first-hand experience, we now have new digital marketing tool to suggest to other suitable clients.

Objective and challenge

Accor uses Sprinklr as their main internal platform, it is an information source where all media assets are uploaded and categorized into separated campaign. This channel can reach people through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more. Our main task is to upload all assets on Sprinklr. Also, use LINE Ad platform to gain friends and promote all hotel promotions to reach Thai market since LINE is a popular platform used in Thailand. 


What we do is grouped and categorized assets, separated into campaigns to avoid confusion, then post on Sprinklr. For LINE Ad, we have gathered all promotions available and suitable for Thai market, create an appealing artwork in order to attract people then lead them to book the hotel. As well as targeted people who are interested in travel and vacation to add us as a friend on LINE official account.


Our team has learned how to use Sprinklr platform, and can now upload assets and information through this channel. With the unified social media platform, we managed engaged with Accor's followers with faster respond. As a result, Accor's LINE channel has gained 17,000 friends or 3,300% increase rate within only 4 months.


Sprinklr, Facebook, LINE

With the A.I. power of Sprinklr, the platform provides customer experience management with an integrated platform across modern channels. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Youtube, people can publish their content through the use of Sprinklr without changing back and forth to various channels. As a partner, we also provide performance report and measurement for businesses to further plan their strategies.

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