MEA (Metropolitan Electricity Authority) is a Thai state enterprise. SOIDEA has an opportunity to create infographics and mini-motions to show creative side of the brand. We have adjusted their mood and tone to become more accessible and memorable to younger generations.

Objective and challenge

MEA has given SOIDEA a challenging task to create content that educate people about the brand as well as to become more approachable to younger generation, since they are a long-running organization, they want to reach more audience. Our task is to create infographics and mini-motions to show creative side of the brand. adjusted their mood and tone including educate people with the information given in a creative way possible. 


The resource and information of MEA has been given to our content team, we brainstormed and concluded that the content posting online has to appear to all users in a modern and friendly way. We also combined an existing information with real-time trends to create better engagement with the audience. 


We have created an overall 60 artworks and captions for MEA. The performance is well received by the audience. The client has used one of our artwork as a model artwork and modified it to fit other platforms such as; TV commercials and billboard ads. 



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We plan social media content to promote Sosuco's products and promotion monthly. The content we produced is bilingual, it appears on both Thai Facebook page and Myanmar Facebook page. We use creative ideas to drive target audience to have a better understanding of the product.
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