PEACH is an exhibition and convention hall based in Pattaya, Thailand. With the objectives of gaining the number of leads and increasing sales opportunity, we have revamped and redesigned their website for people to experience the best UX and UI possible and retargeted Facebook ads to reach people more effectively.

Objective and challenge

PEACH is an exhibition and convention hall based in Pattaya, Thailand. They provide a giant stage to host large-scale special events for hosting exhibitions, conventions, trade shows, product launches and gala dinners. The objectives PEACH has given to us was to gain the numbers of lead and increase sales opportunity for the business through the use of online media platforms. 


We came up with the plan to revamp and redesign the website for people who visit the website can search for further information easier with better UX (User experience) and UI (User Interface). We optimized the target for their Facebook ads to reach the target audience more efficiently as well.


The average result we got from CPL (Cost per lead) is 1,203 baht. 


Facebook, Website and Lead Ad

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