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We have launched the hashtags of #งงไปดิแก and #นี่ต้องหยิบขวดไหน to promote Kato Drinks' new products. With the use of online influencers, the mystery drinks campaign has been a hit on social media across online platforms and has reached more than 6 million people on Facebook and Twitter.

Objective and challenge

The main idea from Kato Drinks towards this campaign is based on the concept of ‘Friend Refreshing Fun’. The objectives focused on building brand awareness and educating people about the products. However, the true challenge is to gain product benefits in a '7-Eleven' chain store in order to stimulate brand's sales volume. 


SOIDEA team has launched Kato Drinks' new products with different hashtags of #งงไปดิแก and #นี่ต้องหยิบขวดไหน across online influencers. We have created a strategic approach with consumer voice, then use macro and micro influencers to stir buzz across online media platforms. This way, the online influencers get a chance to talk about Kato mystery drinks without any brand voice, but purely from consumer word of mouth.


We have reached more than 2.7 million views on Youtube when combined all counted views from youtubers that promoted Kato mystery drinks on their channels. While influencers on Facebook and Twitter have reached more than 6 million people. It could be concluded that this campaign has reached quite a satisfying outcome. 


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