Smeg is a well-known Italian kitchen appliances brand with a worldwide business services. SOIDEA has an opportunity to work closely with Smeg Thailand, to help them gain sales rate through the monthly social content posted via online platform. In 2019, we have reached 18,252,871 impressions on Facebook and more than 800 kitchenware have been purchased.

Objective and challenge

The main objective Smeg Thailand has given to us, is to take care of their corporate image, online communication and marketing strategy. Including online promotion of the campaigns and special offers to support sales rate. 


We plan monthly social content to align with the product line that the client wants to gain sales rate. With creative ideas, we urge to bring out the unique and outstanding characteristics of each product, for Smeg to appear on social media in a clear and distinctive way. This strategy also helps the image of the brand to become more premium. For campaigns, we emphasize various media channels in order to spread the visibility to the target audience as much as possible in order to drive sales through these online platforms.


The average result of CPM (Cost per impression) is 12 baht. The brand image has now shifted and appeared as a modern brand on social media. We have reached 18,252,871 impressions on Facebook in 2019. The sales rate has been driven in past promotional activities e.g. Dream Price which has increased sales rate of all products for more than 800 kitchenware.


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