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Warner Bros. is a well-known entertainment incorporation with variety of products such as; films, television, music recordings, video games and more. SOIDEA has got an opportunity to create amazing works to build awareness to younger-generation target (Gen Y-Z) together with Warner Bros. team. The campaign plan to launch during Songkran festive called 'Tom and Jerry Go Get Cheese Challenge'. The campaign aims to create brand awareness among Thai locals and eventually drive sales rate from online to offline through the use of fun and engagement activity via Social Media.

Objective and challenge

The main objective of Warner Bros. Songkran campaign, is to create an online activity in order to gain further brand awareness and gain prospective leads offline to attract and encourage people to purchase the product in Tom and Jerry l Jaspal collection.


Our team create an engaging activities to promote the campaign by using Instagram filter across Macro-influencers and Micro-influencers. To create awareness towards the younger audience, we create a first ever 2-player run racing game with Tom & Jerry character to let consumers to join and play together with friends. Then we insert call-to-action to get a discount code to redeem for Jaspal's Tom and Jerry collection at both offline & online store. Instagram filter is a popular feature that most social media users use, it is the main reason why we choose to create an activity through this platform. They are accessible by locals, fun and easy to share to others.  


After launching the 'Tom and Jerry Go Get Cheese Challenge' campaign on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, we have gained more than 1.2 million reaches, and have generated a total revenue of 4.5 million Thai baht during the campaign period.


Instagram, Facebook and TikTok

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