Stay Up-to-date with 11 Digital Marketing Sources

As we all know that the world of digital marketing never stood still, it changes all the time. This is the reason why people who work in digital marketing field need to stay alert and catch up on trends quickly. They need to know what happen around the world and what could affect the marketing strategy plan. So if you work in digital marketing or any related fields, it is best for you to do some research every day before going to work, update trends and useful information to give out ideas to other people working with you and make better suggestions to your client as well. 


This is the website that gathered all advertising and marketing news and information. You can see the trends and updates from various partner, even an insights from international sources.


You can find all advertising and marketing news update here, it is quite similar to AdWeek, but with more insights and details of different topics. 

Campaign US

This website gathered all information and details on advertising and marketing in the US. If you want to follow up on an ongoing trends in the US, you can find it from this website.

Campaign Asia

Another advertising and marketing source similar to Campaign US, but this website contains trends and updates all around Asia. 

Social Media Today 

This website gives you all the techniques and updates you need for you social media campaigns. You can also get information of the popular trends on social media.

Social Media Examiner

This website has all the ideas for you to adapt and improve social media approach and strategies. They includes the analysis of each trends and how it changes, you can use this information to plan your next social media plan.


This is the website for people who work in digital media or related fields. You can get all the useful information concerning media in various channels. All the techniques you have never used before are gathered in one place.

Facebook Newsroom

Knowing trends on Facebook is relevant these days, people mostly spend time and read news on Facebook. Obviously, if you want to work through this channel, you have to know what Facebook is up to. This website gives you details on what is about to be updated via Facebook platform, so that you can plan and use this channel in the best way possible.

Instagram Business Blog

Instagram is one of the most popular online media channel. We can see that most brands have shifted their marketing to Instagram. This website gives you an in depth update of the new Instagram features. 


This website select news and updates based on an audience interaction. If the content has the most engagement; like, share, tweet etc. It will showed up on the highlight page. So that we won't miss any popular trends on social media.

Google Blog

People can now get and keep track on what Google has been doing in the form of blog. All the updates are gathered here, you can get details on Google products and services. Then use these information to plan your strategy better.

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