Digital Branding Trends 2020

1. Logos That Can Be Modified

When doing business in digital platform, brands have to change the style of their logos. The logo design must be able to be easily modified as appropriate. Regardless of size, complexity, but still keep the recognizable logo design. 

2. Use Hashtag (#) to Promote Your Brands 

Another trend that has been used to create brand awareness in recent years is hashtag (#). According to Omnicore Agency, 7 out of 10 hashtags available on Instagram are brand-related. Businesses have turned to use hashtag more and more because this method helps increase engagement by up to 50% and also help increase brand awareness. 

3. Create Online Community 

There are many ways brand can interact with the target audience, whether through comments, inbox, phone call, email or even hashtag. Apart from these methods, Online Community helps create   interaction between brands and customers and interaction between customers and customers as well. According to has stated that 37% of customers buy the product through online community engagements.

4. Being "Real" More Than Being "Perfect" 

Stackla's research indicates that 86% of shoppers consider the truth, authenticity, accuracy as their key factor in their purchasing decisions. There is also a research that shows 90% of millennials say that truthfulness and authenticity are important in brand building. The prefer brands that are "real and organic" more than brands that create a "perfect" image. 

5. Brand That Shows Social Responsibility 

Consumers do not just look at the product, since 87% of customers tend to buy the product from brands that share stories, show CSR side and origin story of the brands.   

6. Collaborate with Influencers 

Online influencer has become more and more relevant in marketing of businesses and brands. If you choose the right influencer that suits well with your brand, you do not need to worry about engagements and impressions. Influencer will bring you the target customer group that have a matching interests with your brand. 

7. Combine Online and Offline Channels 

Take a look at McDonald's campaign, the game 'Pick N Play' has combined both online and offline platform together. The game can be played via website (Online) and the billboard (Offline) is where the fun begins. Customers can play the game on the billboard by using their smartphone as a controller, for those who can survive for 30 seconds, they will get free McDonald's coupon.

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