2020 Marketing Statistics to Improve Online Businesses Result

Consumer Behavior Statistic 

1. 71% of B2B customers tend to read blog content during the purchase decision. This indicates that current B2B customers have done the research on products and services before purchasing. Especially finding information through blogs. So it is important that B2B businesses provide their product information through online channels, in order to drive more engagement from customers. 

2. 66% of B2B customers think that all brands should make their content accessible. Not only an easy access to the content, but once they enter the channel, user experiences is also prominent. Whether designing a website that is beautiful, comfortable to the eye, including a form that is not complicated to use. 

3. Searching with the word 'Best' has increased up to 80% from the past 2 years. It is obvious that nowadays, people buy products and search for the product information through mobile channel. However, the interesting fact is that people search for the product information along with the word 'best' especially with general products like 'best toothbrush' or 'best umbrella'. 

(Statistics from: Demand Gen, Google)

Content Marketing Strategies 

1. 96% of successful content marketers believe that customers view them as a reliable source of information. To build a relationship with customers, selling products directly may not be as affective as containing useful content for the customers. This strategy is an effective method and can help increase a purchasing decision. 

2. 26% of average marketing budgets are spent on content marketing. More successful marketing have spent 40% of their budget on content marketing while less successful marketing on the other side, only spent 16% of their budget on content marketing. 

3. In 2018, Instagram earned $6.84 billion in advertising revenue. The interesting thing about this number is that Instagram advertising revenue has doubled from 2017, along with other statistics indicating that mobile ads will continue to increase the user's buying decisions. 

4. 68% of B2C marketers have distributed more content via stories feature on social media. Story feature is currently a popular channel for B2C marketers, since it drives and attracts audiences' attention as well as increases brand engagement. 

5. Adding video content to Email can increase click rate  up to 300%. Studies have shown that GIF, animation, or content that readers can or able to interact with helps increase both engagement and revenue. 

6. 45% of customers find and discover brands on social media via video format ads. Video format helps increase brand awareness as well as helps customers to remember the brand. 

7. Long-form content provides 40% better results than short content. Studies have indicated that Google prefers pages that are rich in content than shorter ones. It wanting to focus on blogging or articles, the content needs to provide more than 2,000 words. This helps with the rank of the website and search order. 

(Statistics from: Content Marketing Institute, Statista, MTA, Animoto)

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