TikTok is the Future of Digital Marketing

TikTok is an application that lets people share their videos through the form of short clips. This app is originally from China and is becoming the most popular social media in the world. As the user base gets bigger and bigger, TikTok has developed to become a new "Marketing Platform" for businesses and brands and has expanded to a "Commerce Platform" to create ecosystem and customer journey.  

6 Reasons Why “TikTok” is a Success! 

1. Start off as an entertaining app in a form of short clips, users can understand the platform and how the app works easily. Now the app has become a place to share lifestyles.   

2. Anyone can become a “Content Creator”, users get to express their own ideas and imagination or it is called 'User Generated Content' (UGC). The app has variety of features where users can enjoy such as; dancing, lip-syncing etc. 

3. The app focuses on “Gen Z”, which is the generation that grew up with technology, mostly enjoy the content that is short and fast. 

4. A.I. Artificial Intelligence learns about the consumers' behavior then allow them to customize their own content. 

5. Uses macro and micro influencer with huge amount of followers to create the videos in order to expand their audience. 

6. Develop and fully become a “Marketing Platform” with new feature design and various ad placement to support brands that want to reach their target audience through the app. TikTok has tested its new marketing feature to let brands embed the link that directly connects to the online shop, to elevate the platform to fully become a "Social Commerce" app.

Form Entertaining App to “Marketing Platform” for Businesses and Brands 

“TikTok” allows brands to create an 'Official Account' and design various ad formats that will appear on video clips. 

1. Pre-roll ads : Advertising videos that users will encounter immediately when using the app. 

2. In-feed ads  : Advertising video that appears while the user is using the app. 

3. Branded effects : Brands can create filters for content creator to use in the videos, similar to Snapchat and Instagram.

How to Create a Memorable "TikTok" Content 

1. Cool : Videos that show your special abilities or life hacks. 

2. Creative : Not just creating creative ads, find new, unique selling point that no one has never seen before. 

3. Combination : Combine what you have with something new. 

4. Collaboration : Collaborate or create a challenge to compete with each other. 

5. Connect : Create a video that engage with people emotionally. The idea needs to be simple but different.

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