Trendy Media Channels of 2020

According to Hootsuite statistics, 87.1% of marketers in the United States choose Facebook as their number 1 media channel and 75.3% choose Instagram as number 2. 


Another interesting media channel trend is the application "TikTok". In 2019, TikTok is the 3rd highest download application in the world with a growth rate of 70% from in 2018. The download rate in Thailand is ranked 2nd in Asia. 

Customers tend to believe influencers (which are ordinary prople like them) more than celebrities since the content made by influencers look more natural and more friendly to them. TikTok is a suitable channel for brands to raise awareness, create campaign, promote products and services that targeted people in Gen Y and Gen Z. 


Twitter will become a source of fast news and content. In the near future, Twitter will focus more on video content. You can also share the content real-time with Twiiter Live. More than 54% of consumers watch video content on Twitter. Videos are ten times better at driving engagement than tweets that has no video. 

Twitter is a suitable channel for brands to post news and information about products and services. Influencers are also a big help, if brands choose the right influencer to represent them, this will help increase brands' fan base and followers.

Facebook Messenger

Complete sales with measurable results by using Facebook Messenger. You can now get better measurement results between online and offline advertising. 

FB Messenger has included ChatBot technology and the customers can pay via FB Messenger. FB Messenger is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, brands can include their products on Facebook Catalog, the ChatBot can help drive traffic to the website as well. 


LINE will soon introduce the new ads platform that everyone can now buy the space for their own ads. Start with gain friend ad objective and push for more advertisements through smart channel, which is now mainly focused on SMEs.

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