Right Content, Right Time : Understand Consumer Behavior Before Creating Online Content

Many of you content creator might sometimes wondering about posted content on Facebook; what time to post, what type of content is the most effective to reach the target audience. Well, it does not only depend on time, topic and the way you choose to present them. The most important thing that you should know about first is the 'consumer behavior'. 

So today, we would like to present to you the '70:20:10 Rule' from Facebook, as a tip for you to create a better content that fits well to your audience!


People that have the behavior of playing and scrolling through feed while traveling. There are 70% of Facebook users with on the go behavior, and they use Facebook via mobile phone. These people don't actually spend too much time on the screen, they mostly scroll through feed while going to work, to the bathroom or in a short break just to see what is going on in the timeline.  

The content that will capture their attention needs to be something quick and something that they will understand in a short period of time. Which are;

📱Cinemagraph & Gif

📱Short video

📱IG & FB Stories

📱Vertical Video

So if your target audience has on the go behavior, you should consider using one of the content style we listed above to create the most effective reach and engagement. For instance, promote healthy working chair for office workers that are now working from home. 


Another 20% of social media users have the behavior of spending more time on mobile screen. Lean forward means lay down, this type of behavior is for people that have 15-30 minute break, lunch break or even when they are on public transportation long enough to see what is going on in the online world. 

The content that these people will spend time on is a short content. The information needs to be easily understood and they can pause whenever they want without having to finish it. 




The example for the listed content types above is the content that stands out. It could be product presentation or product selling through collection ads, canvas or live-streaming. Know what time is best for these kind of content promotion is also a plus, it will help your content reach more people in no time. 


The remain 10% of social media users are the people that spend a great deal of time on mobile phone. They are ready to consume all information and detail given, they spend the day going through feed and timeline. Phone is the first thing they grab in the morning, even before bed and on weekends. 

The content suitable for this type of behavior are; 

📱Long Video

📱Instream Video

The most important thing to do before apply the '70:20:10 Rule' from Facebook to your brand is to choose the way you want to present the content to the target audience. You have to consider the audience behavior and suitable posting time as well. The more you know what your audience wants, the more successful your content will become!

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